Bulxoft is specialized in Collection Management Software

Bulxoft’s user-friendly and very convenient interface, with the one-of-a-kind integrated collection module, brings your company’s entire management system together under one roof.  

All aspects including customer-relations management, logistics planning, storage and warehousing management, accounting/bookkeeping and even mass balance is included in the interface among many other features…  

Implementing the Bulxoft software will result in saving valuable time and minimizing errors.


Customer Management

Bulxoft tracks each transaction and movement with every client in one concise overview. All history and valuable information with your clients can be easily accessed. Having the complete overview makes potential client development much more efficient, which will help you grow your business.


Bulxoft’s operation module offers uninterrupted easy communication with every stakeholder in the company including its drivers. Furthermore, the system keeps the product collection and deliveries under close control with live updates at every delivery-stage. After orders have been finalized it automates the invoicing processes and reminds you on any duties that need to be followed up.


The internal accounting module sorts out all invoicing challenges that arise when dealing with lots of different collection processes. Each unique movement has its own ID and all related invoices are being linked to this ID. Furthermore, the system gives an overview on cashflow and keeps due diligence on every client under control.


The system shows a constant live overview on every storage location and informs you on the stock of every single tank or warehouse depot.Furthermore, the software is able to calculate per product weights or unit counts, whatever you need to have complete control on the stock.

Mass Balance

Some industries require you to keep track of a mass balance that shows all your incoming and outgoing deliveries for a given period. Bulxoft keeps track of these balances and can develop reports based on product, unit, origin, period, etc. Each detail can be reached easily and fast, so you will not encounter unexpected errors when (unannounced) audits take place.

Internal ChatSystem

Bulxoft offers and internal chat system that enables good communication among employees that work in the same or in different departments internally of externally. This maximizes the efficiency through proper communication between employees. In addition, with the translation feature included in the application, it completely removes any language barrier.

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